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By entering a freelance contract with Dexter Komakaru (DXTROSE) or commissioning artwork whether under a personal or commercial use license, you agree to the following Commission Terms of Service, updated as of 2021.


1. I own the rights to all of my artwork. You may not use any commissioned artwork for distributing or money gaining purposes. If you would like to purchase the rights to make money off of your commission, tell me and we can work out pricing and a contract. This includes the financial rights to any of my original characters and designs.

2. I reserve the right to deny any commission with or without reason. 

3. Price quotes for projects, inquiries, and commission requests may only be submitted through e-mail or via my Commissions Inquiry Form on the COMMISSIONS Page of my website. Make sure to include any details of what you'd like, and have PAYMENT READY. You have three days from your initial inquiry to make a deposit on the commission. Failure to make a deposit before that time frame will result in me putting a hold on your request / slot and moving on. 

4. Be patient. Commissions can take anywhere from one week to several months to complete depending on the complexity. I work in the order that I receive my commissions, but I try to send updates and progress photos regularly. Upon starting your project, you will recieve a timeframe estimate of when it will be complete. If there is an unexpected reason for me being unable to complete your commission in a timely manner, I will tell you and we can sort out where to go from there.

5. If you want to commission me, check my gallery to see my current style for my work and what style you'd like. When you commission my art, you commission it in the style I create in. Be aware of that. 

6. I require at least one reference photo. If you do not have actual reference photos for fictional characters I require a DETAILED description of what they look like. I also accept Pinterest boards and inspiration based reference photos.

7. Revisions are limited. The amount of free revisions you get per project varies by commission type. After your free revisions are used, you may pay extra for additional revisions. Please make sure the sketch is what you like. There will be no edits made to the piece after the sketch is finalized and no edits made after completion. 

8. Please check your messages frequently. If you are unable to be contacted for an extensive period of time, I will stop work on your commission until I'm able to confirm it's what you want. 

9. You may request a refund for a commission ONLY at the sketching stage*. All projects require an 50% upfront nonrefundable deposit. Commissions under 15$ are not eligible for refunds. Once line art and color are laid down there are no more refunds. The only exception for this policy is if there is an extenuating circumstance where I make an exception, such as a delay or mistake on my end. This is a final decision up to me on a case by case basis.

10. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries about the state of your commission or about future commissioning. I know this all sounds intimidating but I'm very lenient on these terms. 


+ you may upload it to any websites or galleries, but if you do so please credit me
+ you may print it out for personal use
+ you may ask me about purchasing the rights to your commission.



- without purchasing these rights, you are NOT ALLOWED to sell any products with the artwork on it, sell prints of the artwork, or gain any profit from it.
- you are NOT ALLOWED to claim the work as your own
- you are NOT ALLOWED to trace the commission
- you are NOT ALLOWED to resell my artwork


If there is a problem with the commission, it is your responsibility to tell me before we get to the process in the commission where things get permanent. It is your responsibility to let me as the artist know everything in advance before you proceed to let me work freely. I provide work in progress photos via e-mail throughout the entire process. You will not be refunded for work that you are not satisfied with. We can come to a consensus about where the issue lies, but I provide too many opportunities for changes and cannot afford to refund commissions after the sketching phase. Please make sure that you are okay with my interpretation of your idea. 


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