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FREE Freelance Artist Workbook v1

FREE Freelance Artist Workbook v1


Are you an artist, creative, or creator looking to turn your passion into a profession? Trying to turn your creativity into clients and commission work? Look no further!

Download this FREE workbook today to get a headstart on your journey. Handcrafted for aspiring freelance artists, by a freelance artist.


The FREE Freelance Artist Workbook by DXTROSE is your go-to guide for where to start when looking to turn your passion into passive income. This workbook features 7 pages of worksheets, ideas, and prompts to help you visualize and create your future as a freelancer.


Featuring everything from a "Start Selling Checklist", packed with ideas of different ways you can make passive income from your art online, to a 'Monthly Creative Goal Calendar' and 'Designing Your Creative Brand', this workbook covers all the basics you need to kickstart your creative career.


Since it is a digital download through a PDF file, you can either fill it out online through a PDF editor, on your iPad on Procreate or in Files, or by printing it out! The possibilities are endless, and just waiting for you to start.

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